Maple Canyon: Pipeline

Maple Canyon: Pipeline


This is a super cool wall where almost all the walls pull a wavy roof feature. The climbs for kids but you’ll be entertained here alld ay.

Routes: five-cheerios

We aren’t interested in duplicating effort, so you can find information about this area at…

The Mountain Project

Maple Canyon Guide book Pg. 161-166.  (The link is to a site where you can purchase the book.  Really, if you are going to Maple, you should have it.)



The approach is not right next to the road, but close. With kids as young as two years old it should not take you more than 5 minutes. Its just before Billy the Kid Wall.


Flat groomed trail.


Not really dangerous, but a few years back our then two year old did stumble at the beginning of the hike. She tumbled down a hill that could have potentially hurt her pretty bad. She was fine, but a little shaken up.  You see those videos of miraculous dad saves on YouTube.  That wasn’t me.  I would say, not dangerous, but hold the littles hands at the beginning.




It is well trafficked but there are lots of routes available so you aren’t likely to have a problem.

Extra Kid Fun: three-and-a-half-cheerios

None in particular but you do cross a bridge on the way there.

Potential Dangers: five-cheerios

Just potential for some stumbles.

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