What is Cheerio in My Chalk Bag?

What is Cheerio in My Chalk Bag?

Simple: A kids rock climbing guide.  

We built this site to help other parents or adults who want to take kids with them rock climbing. You don’t need to stop climbing just because you have kids! Use Cheerio in my Chalk Bag to make climbing a sport for the whole family and get your kids climbing too. We provide tips, product reviews, and information about climbing areas so you can have all the information you need to plan your next family outing and learn how to rock climb with kids. We categorize, rate, and detail climbing areas so that you can know which places (1) are best for kids to do their own climbs; (2) are safe and fun for the entire family when just you are climbing; and (3) are essentially a ‘no go’ if you have young children.

At times we provide links to where you can find information so as not to reproduce work already completed. We want this guide to be comprehensive and so obviously we will be adding more and more to it. However, we need first-hand knowledge before we add an area to make sure that we are confident with the information you are receiving. Therefore, we will welcome any help from others to provide additional information and increase the number of areas on the site to help families stay better informed and with options everywhere we can. You can contact us if you have information to add on our ‘contribute information tab’. You can also contact us if you disagree with any information on here!

Featured Areas

Maple Canyon five-cheerios

From our experience, Maple Canyon is the best place in Utah to take kids to go rock climbing.  The area is gorgeous and one of our favorite places to go camping. In fact, we usually prefer it as a camping trip rather than a day trip since its about an hour-and-a-half from us. The climbing here is world class with its unique conglomerate rocks and awesome formations. There are also lots of fun activities to do with kids when you aren’t climbing. Read more about Maple Canyon here.

Lambs Knoll five-cheerios

Lambs Knoll is just outside of Zion on its West side. Its located just off of Kolob Terrace Road. The elevation gain from St. George proper makes it a little cooler in the summer. It is also pretty well shaded because it is made up of slot canyons giving you high cliffs on both sides. Our kids and their cousins loved playing in the sand and running through the slots. There were tons of little caves and rock features for them to explore. Its a place that we will definitely make more trips to with the family. Read more about Lambs Knoll here.

Clint Eastwood Wall in Echo Canyon five-cheerios

This area has some cobblesque features like Maple Canyon but is located between Ogden and Salt Lake on the I80/I84. Read more here.

Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon five-cheerios

This area is absolutely perfect for kids. They will LOVE it, whether or not they actually climb. The routes here are next to a year long waterfall, if that wasn’t obvious from the name. Read more here.