American Fork Canyonfour-cheerios

There are a few safe areas for you to climb with your kids tagging along, however kids climbs in this area are pretty nonexistent.

Big Cottonwood Canyonfour-and-a-half-cheerios

A great variety of kid climbs and climbs for you to get on with picnic areas and bathrooms.

Cedar City

The Cedar City area is at a higher elevation and therefore a great way to avoid the scorching sun that hits southern Utah in the summer. This makes it a much better option for young kids. However, we’ve taken only one trip here and therefore our information on this area is limited. We are still looking for kid climbs here so contribute information if you know of any!

City Creek Canyon

This canyon is essentially a NO GO for climbing with kids. No kid climbs and no real areas that are easily accessible or safe with kids.

Ferguson Canyon three-and-a-half-cheerios

A few good spots for you to climb where your kids can have fun but not real kid climbs. Its a cool canyon with fun streams for the kids to play in.

Echo Canyonfive-cheerios

Echo Canyon has cobble-esque climbing similar to Maple but can be found on I-80 between Park City and Evanston. It has some very easy to approach crags that have kid climbs and climbs for you. Because it is conglomerate rock, it does have a greater risk of rock fall.

Joe’s Valleyfour-and-a-half-cheerios

Bouldering only. Bouldering can be especially great with kids because it doesn’t require two adults attached to a rope. There is zero to almost no approach for many areas. The landing is great and safe for your kiddos.  We have even found a few easy bouldering routes our kids  and toddlers have been able to climb in this area. However, there is only one porta potty in all of Joe’s.

Little Cottonwood Canyonfour-and-a-half-cheerios

Bouldering at the Mouth of the canyon is fantastic to do with kids. Short easy approach with great landing and many smaller options to make routes up for your kids and toddlers to try to climb. There is also some friendly and beautiful kid climbs farther up canyon for the both of you.

Log Canyonfour-cheerios

Awesome for kids with zero approach but just barely developed so there are only two areas and no bathrooms.

Maple Canyonfive-cheerios

Truly perfect for families, best kid climbing in the state. Perfect landings with almost no approach. Full of climbs for you and your kids. Super popular with climbers ALWAYS there. However, like Echo Canyon it is also conglomerate rock which contains a greater risk of rock fall.


Awesome desert climbing that you will want to hit with your kids in the spring and late summer/autumn because it gets HOT!! There are also lots of other fun outdoor activities to do in the area, making it a great destination.

Ophir Canyon: Ganja Wall  five-cheerios

This canyon is about 20 miles Southeast of Tooele. Ganja wall had a great landing and zero approach. The canyon and town is a fun area for kids to explore.

Red Rock two-and-a-half-cheerios(if your kids are young);  three-and-a-half-cheerios(if your kids are older)

Close to get to from the city, on the East side of Draper. Easy going approach with climbs ranging from 5.6-5.11a. Great for beginner adults but I would not climb there with my toddlers because of cliffs. Though if your confident that you can keep your kids safe than there are several great kid climbs.

Rock Canyon four-cheerios

Tons of great climbing and extremely popular in the area but you have to hike to everything which can get rough with the kids. Also, there are only a few spots that I would venture to with my kids, a lot just aren’t that safe if they are really little (cliffs, scree, etc.).

SouthWillow Canyon: Upper Narrows four-cheerios

This amazing area is located in Tooele County on the Stansbury Mountains southwest of Grantsville. I am so glad I found this canyon this summer. It has become a favorite climbing location for me personally. 

St. George

Southern Utah can get really hot in the summer so its best to plan your trip with that in mind. However, there are some amazing climbing destinations that deserve a trip.