Maple Canyon: Box Canyon

Maple Canyon: Box Canyon

Overall (climbing for kids): three-cheerios

This is an awesome canyon with tons of additional fun things for the kids but if you want your day to be about your KIDS CLIMBING then there are better areas because there is only one kid route (5.4). Everything else is basically hard 5.10 and up. Although the beginning of some of these routes can be converted into a kid climb as well  as they are like class 4 climbing to the first bolt.

Overall (crag for adults that is safe for kids):five-cheerios

Now if the day is going to be about YOU CLIMBING and your bringing your kids a long for the adventure than this canyon is perfect. You will have an endless supply of projects and your kids will have a great place to play and explore.


You can find information about this area at…

Maple Canyon Guide Book pg. 62-89 (The link is to a site where you can purchase the book.  Really, if you are going to Maple, you should have it.)



I kind of depends on which area in the canyon you are going to. You could be looking at a 2 minute approach ora 15 minute approach with kids.


It is a flat approach which makes it easy and kid friendly. The only problem is that its rocky so its not level and my really little kdis tend to stumble and need to hold your hand.


There are no dangers.


Fantastic everywhere in this canyon.


Box canyon always always always has climbers but there are SO MANY areas here that you could always find a route (as long as you can climb at this grade) to get on and I’ve never seen anybody on the kids route if thats what your going for.

Extra Fun:five-cheerios

This is an awesome slot canyon to hike through with kids if you want to keep going. There are also plenty of ‘caves’ and kind of a real one to go in with your kids. Every kid I’ve taken here just LOVES exploring it.

Also, because there are always awesome climbers here it can be really fun to hunker down and watch.

Potential Dangers:five-cheerios

Your kids might be enticed in some areas to go free climbing so keep an eye out and set up some rules so they don’t get stuck anywhere.

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