City Creek

City Creek

A GREEN link means that there are adult and kid climbs in that area. Click on it for more information so you can know if it will work for your family. A YELLOW link means there are no kid climbs but you can bring the family along as you climb. The areas are then rated from 1-5 cheerios (1 being the worst area to take your family and 5 being the best). A RED link means that it is essentially a no go. Click and find out the reasons why so you can make your own decision.

What You Should Know

City Creek Canyon is just outside downtown Salt Lake. While it is a fun canyon to climb close to the city, it is not a good destination for climbing with your kids.

It is a great Canyon for running, biking (road bike on the main road and mountain bike on the trails), or taking a stroll with the family. There are many picnic spots along the right side (creek side) for families to rest and enjoy the canyon.

The canyon is easily accessible by car but it is $3 to get in with your car and you can only drive in on even days after Memorial Day.


Hadrians Wall

15-20 minute approach. It is a somewhat steep trail and the way down can be slippery. The landing here is fairly flat but quickly becomes steep. There is not a lot of place for kids to run around and explore without getting into a danger zone.

Shoreline Crag

Rough approach with a fixed rope to help people get up the steep slope. Its strongly recommended not to take small kids here.

Lange’s Boulder

You need to cross a river on a log in the approach.

The Snake Horn or Rattle Horn

Approach becomes steep with loose sand and gravel and would be difficult for kids.