St. George/Zion

St. George/Zion

A GREEN link means that there are adult and kid climbs in that area. Click on it for more information so you can know if it will work for your family. A YELLOW link means there are no kid climbs but you can bring the family along as you climb. The areas are then rated from 1-5 cheerios (1 being the worst area to take your family and 5 being the best). A RED link means that it is essentially a no go. Click and find out the reasons why so you can make your own decision.

What You Should Know

It gets really hot here in the summer so if you are bringing young kids, it would be better to plan a trip earlier in the spring or later in the fall unless you find a good shaded area.

Chuckawalla Wall three-cheerios

This is a sunny crag with no shade and can therefore get really hot in the summer time. It also does not have any climbs for young children. Still, it has a great variety of grades to keep you busy, routes ranging from a 5.9 to a 5.13 a/b. It is a great easy approach that takes only about two minutes from a nice parking area. There are also bathrooms and trashcans in the parking area. The landing is flat and safe.

Lambs Knoll five-cheerios

Lambs Knoll is just outside of Zion on its West side. The elevation gain from St. George proper makes it a little cooler in the summer. The area is also pretty well shaded because of its slot canyons. It can get well trafficked and there are no bathrooms but it really was a huge hit for our family.

Moe’s Valleythree-and-a-half-cheerios

This was pretty difficult to find our first time ‘Moe’s Valley Climbing Area’ on google maps will take you to the Sentinal Area if you need extra help finding it ;-). The other areas are reached from this same parking area by hiking.

The Sentinal Area is a great place to bring your kids because it is a one minute walk. We did not go past this area and so I don’t know how far the other areas would be and whether or not that is possible with kiddos.

The landing was flat and great for most of the boulders.

However, Moe’s can get really hot in the summer and the only shade you will find are the boulders themselves. We made it an evening outing and it worked great. The Sentinal area does have a cave like feature which our kids loved going through and was also a V1 climb. There were also a lot of easy routes that you could let your kids try or make up for them if you wanted to let them climb. We didn’t

Veyo Pool 

This is an outdoor climbing park with a pool and lots of fun family amenities, including camping. However, it is pretty pricey. As a result, we have not ventured there yet. Apparently, there is a large array of climbs that would be great for your kids. I don’t really feel like I can properly rate it since I haven’t been there and also, I hate spending money…