A GREEN link means that there are adult and kid climbs in that area. Click on it for more information so you can know if it will work for your family. A YELLOW link means there are no kid climbs but you can bring the family along as you climb. The areas are then rated from 1-5 cheerios (1 being the worst area to take your family and 5 being the best). A RED link means that it is essentially a no go. Click and find out the reasons why so you can make your own decision.

We took a trip over Easter to Moab and thought we would get a little bit of climbing in while we were there. So much fun and we were happy that it wasn’t in the middle of the summer since it was pretty hot as it was.


What You Should Know


Potash Road two-cheerios(if you have toddlers) five-cheerios (if you have older kids or babies)

Its right on the road so it can be dangerous and not possible with some kids.


Kane Creek Canyon: Ice Cream Parlor four-and-a-half-cheerios

One of the best areas in Moab to take kids.  Climbs here range from 5.5 to 5.12. so there are good climbs for both the kids and the parents.  

Sunshine Wall 

The belay area was a scramble to exposed ledges. This means that kids cannot hang out at the base of the climbs. You will have to split up adult parties to watch the kids below while the others climb and switch off (you’ll need at least 3 adults to make it work).


Big Bend Bouldering Areafive-cheerios

While there weren’t any specific climbs that were workable for young kids, there are routes you could make up if you wanted to get them on some stuff. We did.