Potash Road

Potash Road

We were really looking forward to climbing here when we researched it but once we got there we realized there was just NO WAY we could stay. The climbing is right on the road which is pretty busy and so it was just too scary for someone with toddlers (which we have a lot of). Now, depending on the age of your kids and the adult to child ratio this might be a better spot for you.

Overall:two-cheerios(if you have toddlers) five-cheerios (if you have older kids or babies)

Routes: five-cheerios

There are TONS of routes here, a huge variety of sport and trad, making it an awesome location. You can find more information on how to get there and what climbs are available at:



The approach is really appealing at this location if you have kids since there basically is NONE. Though you might be doing a few feet of walking from your safe pullout to your route :-p



Perfectly flat but not a big open area because its right next to the road.


Maybe we went on a bad day because it was CROWDED. Climbers everywhere. The good news is that there are so many options it still looked like there were a lot to jump on.

Extra Kid Fun: two-and-a-half-cheerios

There’s a river across the road for a separate activity but in that area there isn’t going to be much for your kid to do except sit. Again, your on the road.

Potential Dangers: two-cheerios

For toddlers this area screams constant stress of your kid running into the road. Now if you have older kids or a baby thats not moving around then it wouldn’t really be dangerous.