Big Bend Bouldering Area

Big Bend Bouldering Area


This was our fall-back after Potash Road didn’t work for us. It turned out great! While there weren’t any designated climbs that I felt small kids could do that weren’t too tall there were plenty of routes you could make up for your kids. We even set up a top rope for our kids (since they are so small and light) with my husband belaying from the top of the boulder.

There’s also a bathroom just a walk down the road and across the street at the campsite which is a plus.

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Routes: five-cheerios

There are about 70 boulder routes in that area ranging from V0-V10. They are all pretty close.

You can find more information about the area at:


Landing was basically always perfect.


There were other climbers but it wasn’t too crowded when we were there.

Extra Kid Fun: four-cheerios

It had a lot of good open areas for the kids to play. We gave all our kids little spray bottles of water so they went to town. There were lots of places they could scramble safely and some tunnels/cave-like features that they thought were the coolest.


There is camping just across the street.

Arches National Park

This area is also super close to Arches for another family outing.


You are right next to the rive for another fun activity.

Potential Dangers: five-cheerios

It wasn’t too close to the road and had a good barrier of bushes and rocks between to make you feel like your kids were safe.