Rock Canyon: The Kitchen

Rock Canyon: The Kitchen


Its a high frequented area that is fun to try but I wouldn’t consider it a repeat. There is a 5.4 that you could lead TR or set up top roped for your child but that would be the only kid friendly climb and you are going to need to set up a 15-18 ft extension off the anchors.

Routes: three-cheerios

There are a lot of trad routes here but there isn’t a lot of variety and the holds are pretty greased up nowadays. You can top rope basically all of the climbs as well.

You can find information about this area at:

The Mountain Project

A note for finding beta on the area – Provo is full of college kids that are cheap on money, but whenever they aren’t studying, rich with time. The Mountain Project as a wiki is the best beta I can find for the canyon, even beyond a guide book. A lot of climbing areas are difficult to navigate simply by using Mountain Project, but Rock Canyon has good information.

Approach: four-cheerios


You are not going to get a better approach in Rock Canyon but it will still take you some time depending on the age of your kids. Maybe 15 minutes.


Any age can do it, just some slower than others. Normal, slightly inclined, trail.


No danger except normal hiking danger.




There are often climbers there. Its one of the more frequented spots, probably because of the access but also because of the TR climbs available as well as the fact that you can top rope the climbs.

Extra Kid Fun:three-cheerios

Nothing extra fun for the kids at this spot.

Potential Dangers:five-cheerios

Only dangers here are typical hiking dangers.

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