Maple Canyon: Rock Island

Maple Canyon: Rock Island


The convenience of this area is amazing. Its perfect for if you little one fell asleep in the car because you basically can belay from a few feet away, just leave the windows down or doors open.

Routes: three-and-a-half-cheerios

The routes here are on the lamer side. Short and not super interesting but there is a variety of intermediate climbing or warm-ups for an adult.

We aren’t interested in duplicating effort, so you can find information about this area at…

The Mountain Project

Maple Canyon Guide book Pg. 175-175 (The link is to a site where you can purchase the book.  Really, if you are going to Maple, you should have it.)


It can’t be beat. No approach. Just park and you are there.


Perfect level ground.


These routes are not high in demand so if you are looking for convenience this is the spot.

Extra Kid Fun: three-cheerios

Nothing extra fun here.

Potential Dangers: four-cheerios

Only the road. Since this is farther up in the campground area you won’t have cars zooming past and not many driving up there as it is but still watch your kids because we don’t want any accidents.

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