The Edelrid Fraggle II Full Body Harness

The Edelrid Fraggle II Full Body Harness


Overall: four-cheerios

Because my kids are still small I’ve preferred using a full-body harness. This really is the best harness for the SMALLEST climbers. If you want to start your kids as young as you can then you want this harness. The Simba is really only made for kids 3 and older and this goes as young as your kid is walking basically.


It can be really hard on some kids getting use to a harness. This makes that a lot easier. It is incredibly comfortable so they are less likely to hate it! My 20 month old didn’t mind having it on at all!

Practical: four-cheerios

While this harness gets really small and is claimed to be very adjustable, I truly don’t think its the only child harness you will be buying. I think you will likely need another that goes larger before your child moves into a normal waist harness.

I do love that the front buckles underneath where you tie in so that the harness stays on your toddler even when they are tied in. I wish my pregnancy harness did that…

CON: if you have a thick rope – 10.5 – it will not fit in the tie-in loops. You will need to put a biner through the tie-in loop and the eight-knot on the biner. I personally don’t like that set-up because I don’t like my kids attached to the harness by something that they could unscrew themselves while climbing. 


This harness is basically $59 across the board. It is just about the same price as some other full-body harnesses but is honestly very well made and padded. Great quality.