Lambs Knoll

Lambs Knoll

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Overall: five-cheerios

Lambs Knoll is just outside of Zion on its West side. Its located just off of Kolob Terrace Road. The elevation gain from St. George proper makes it a little cooler in the summer and Lambs Knoll is also pretty well shaded because of its slot canyons. It is OFTEN used by guide companies for climbing and canyoneering so you will most likely see one of those groups parked or walking through there. We saw several groups in the two days we spent there.

There are no bathrooms so plan accordingly and remember to always Leave No Trace.

Routes: five-cheerios

There are a lot of climbs here with multiple areas very close to one another. There are routes for young children to do as well as tons to keep you busy. I led my first 12b here and it was awesome.I highly recommend this as a must go destination.

I didn’t have a book because I thought Mountain Project. would be sufficient but it wasn’t. Still, you can try to use the little bit of info there. I ended up just eye balling routes and asking climbers that went by. I believe the most recent book is the second edition of Todd Goss’ Rock Climbs of Southwest Utah & The Arizona Strip.

 Approach: five-cheerios

The hike took my 6 young children (2 and 3 year olds walking themselves) just about 10 minutes to do. Its was mostly flat walking and very easy. They did great.

Landing: five-cheerios

The landing is perfect across the board. Very safe for your kids. There is an upper area that would not be safe for young kids but if you stay in the lower areas you will be fine.

Traffic: three-and-a-half-cheerios

We had no problem finding routes to do the two days we were there but we saw several small guided groups go through on their way canyoneering and there were a few other climbing groups.

Extra Kid Fun: four-cheerios

The slot canyons, holes in the wall, alcoves, and ‘caves’ were a HUGE hit with the kids. They thought the area was great.