Warm-Up Area: Warm-up Boulder

Warm-Up Area: Warm-up Boulder

Overall: five-cheerios

This area has a great variety of climbs. You can find a route for all ages.


The routes range from a V1 to  V8.

While there are no V0s which might be what you were hoping for with your little, there is definitely  a great rock where you can make up several routes for your small climbers. There is a smaller boulder leaning against the largest boulder, forming a cave. That smaller boulder has a V2, Pop Belly. That route is to the right of the tree if you are facing the boulder. To the left we’ve made up some easy fun climbs that our 3 year old did.

Find more about this area:51u5nhe-4hl-_sx322_bo1204203200_

Pg. 90 of the Guidebook An Insightful Guide to JOE’S VALLEY BOULDERING by Isaac Caldiero. This book apparently has become incredibly expensive (like $300+) and can be hard to find. There are some sites where you can supposedly download the PDF and I know that the library in that town use to have copies that you could check out. We have a book if anyone is looking to borrow perhaps.

Approach: five-cheerios

Short and easy. You basically just have to walk up a staircase and your there. All your kids can do it and you can take a few trips back and forth to your car hauling up gear without trouble.

Landing: five-cheerios

Fantastic. Its a large, flat open area where your kids can run around. There is a rock in the cave that you want to make sure you cover so as not to fall on if your doing a route in there.

Traffic: three-cheerios

Definitely one of the more crowded spots but the area is huge with several different bouldering walls to choose from so you should have options.

Extra Kid Fun:five-cheerios

Kids just love caves so they will love this spot if its not taken.

Potential Dangers: four-cheerios

Cactus, its all over Joe’s. Make sure your kids are aware and paying attention. My oldest trooper has gotten pricked a few times (she’s a little crazy but tough too).