U.M.W.A. Area

U.M.W.A. Area


There are 2 boulders in this area that are more kid friendly. They are almost just across the street from one another.


U.M.W.A Boulder

The routes range from V0-V8. My 4 year old did the V0 here. Its a great easy one to do. However, its definitely not as short as the Short One across the street. I stayed on top of the boulder to help here with the top out and my husband stayed down to spot here. I also had to help her get down because thats basically the down climb of the boulder so you are going to need to pass the kid down.

Small One Boulder

The routes range from V1 to V7. I didn’t feel like anything on this boulder was easy enough for my kids to do (oldest is 4). But if you have a great climber or older kids this can be a fantastic boulder for you because its so short – you’ll worry a lot less.


Find more about this area:51u5nhe-4hl-_sx322_bo1204203200_

Pg. 92-93 of the Guidebook An Insightful Guide to JOE’S VALLEY BOULDERING by Isaac Caldiero. This book apparently has become incredibly expensive (like $300+) and can be hard to find. There are some sites where you can supposedly download the PDF and I know that the library in that town use to have copies that you could check out. We have a book if anyone is looking to borrow perhaps.

Approach: five-cheerios

Both are right off the road.

Landing: five-cheerios

Can’t really be better.

Traffic: three-cheerios

Its a popular area for sure.

Extra Kid Fun:three-cheerios

Nothing special for the kiddos.

Potential Dangers:three-cheerios

The U.M.W.A boulder is literally right on the road so your kids cannot run freely – please be careful.

Cactus, its all over Joe’s. Make sure your kids are aware and paying attention. My oldest trooper has gotten pricked a few times (she’s a little crazy but tough too).