Boy Size Area: Boysize Boulder

Boy Size Area: Boysize Boulder

Overall: three-and-a-half-cheerios

Some real fun routes for your kids do to, the deterrence will be the walk but its really not that bad. Our kids had tons of fun here.



12961596_10154323043998268_2810318127912894776_nThe routes range from V0- V7. What makes it especially great for kiddos is that there are THREE v0s. My 4 year old was only able to do Cookies, V0, on her own. However, the walk of side of the boulder is PERFECt for little kids. She loved climbing that over and over and my 2 year old too. Also, there is a large rock on the opposite side of this boulder that my kids also enjoyed climbing. My 2 year old could quite do that one on her own.

Find more about this area:51u5nhe-4hl-_sx322_bo1204203200_

Pg. 90 of the Guidebook An Insightful Guide to JOE’S VALLEY BOULDERING by Isaac Caldiero. This book apparently has become incredibly expensive (like $300+) and can be hard to find. There are some sites where you can supposedly download the PDF and I know that the library in that town use to have copies that you could check out. We have a book if anyone is looking to borrow perhaps.

Approach: three-cheerios

My 2 year old was able to walk it without help but it is a little bit of a hike (not just off the road like the others). You are going to want to be able to carry everything with you in one go.

Landing: five-cheerios

No problems.

Traffic: five-cheerios

There was just one other party that joined in the area (on a different boulder) that whole day.

Extra Kid Fun:three-cheerios

Nothing extra other than the climbing.

Potential Dangers: four-cheerios

Cactus, its all over Joe’s. Make sure your kids are aware and paying attention. My oldest trooper has gotten pricked a few times (she’s a little crazy but tough too).