Rock Canyon: The Wild

Rock Canyon: The Wild

Overall: three-and-a-half-cheerios

It is a shame this area is not closer to the mouth of the canyon. Really, it is almost perfect for kids except for the long approach. The rock is super cool limestone with weird easy to grab features. There are also some fun intermediate climbs in the area. The landing is perfect, the setting is beautiful, but the walk to get there is long.


So there is not anything super difficult in the area, but the climbs that are here are fun. The area has climbs for the wee’est of tinys all the way up to some fun intermediate climbs. The routes here according to The Mountain Project are…


You can find information about the area at…

The Mountain Project

A note for finding beta on the area – Provo is full of college kids that are cheap on money, but whenever they aren’t studying, rich with time. The Mountain Project as a wiki is the best beta I can find for the canyon, even beyond a guide book. A lot of climbing areas are difficult to navigate simply by using Mountain Project, but Rock Canyon has good information.

If you can drag your smallest children up this far, the routes here are great for them. The entire middle section of the wall consists of large, frequent, limestone pockets. This lends to lots of handholds really close together. This is great because something that kids often struggle with is the inability to reach the handholds available. This makes it hard for kids to do climbs that would otherwise be easy if they were the right size. Because of this, I love taking my kids here.

The climbs for adults here are also a blast. The 5.9 to the left, Congo, is awesome but tricky. The 5.10 to the right, Chupacabra, is pumpy but exposed and fun. There are some other climbs as well that should provide some healthy entertainment.

Approach: two-cheerios


The biggest problem with this area is the time that it takes to walk to the crag. As an adult it takes a good 20-30 minutes. With a child the time could be endless… For us it was usually about 45-60 minutes.


The hike is easy except for the distance. Any age should be able to do it, if you, as the adult, have the patience.


No danger except normal hiking danger.

Landing: five-cheerios

The landing here is perfect. There is room for everything that you could ever need, plus the area is nice and flat. Even better, there is plenty of shade. Drag your kids here and they will welcome the respite.


Despite the distance, this area gets a bit of traffic. Lots of beginning collage students come to climb here, because as an adult the hike isn’t really a problem. Every time I have come here there has been another group. There are three easy climbs on the awesome easy limestone, so usually you can find an anchor to get your kids going.

Extra Kid Fun: three-and-a-half-cheerios

There is not anything extra special about this area, but it is shaded and pleasant. There is plenty of room for kids to run around and explore, which my kids enjoy doing when we come here.

Potential Dangers: five-cheerios

Only dangers here are typical hiking dangers.

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