Product Review: Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet – Kids’

Product Review: Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet – Kids’



We bought this helmet a few years ago for our oldest and later bought a second for our next when we saw it brand new for $20 at an auction. At that point, we knew it was an amazing helmet and we were not going to pass up an opportunity to grab another at that price.


Its well cushioned and ventilated. It fits snuggly and doesn’t jostle which I think adds to the comfort as well. Make sure you tinker with the straps in having it pulled back and down in the right spot as well as have the piece around the head ratcheted snug. This will ensure the helmet is in the right place and not blocking your child’s view or a choking hazard.

My 4 year old and her older cousins have all said it was comfortable. Since, I haven’t had it on my head thats really all I can say…


It says this helmet is adjustable for ages 3-8 but our two year old has worn it too. I seems to adjust smaller than a lot of its counter brands.

It also meets the US standards for biking which makes it so you don’t have to own a different helmet for every occasion.

We’ve had ours for years and they have been used for both climbing and biking and are still in excellent condition. Clearly, very durable.


It can be found from $45-59. It is pricey but I would give it 5 cheerios easily because it is so adjustable you are not going to have to buy another helmet for quite some time and you don’t have to also buy a biking helmet.


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