Product Review: La Sportiva Stickit FriXion RS Climbing Shoe – Kids’

Product Review: La Sportiva Stickit FriXion RS Climbing Shoe – Kids’


Overall: four-cheerios

We bought these shoes about three months ago for our 2 year old. We already had the Mad Rock Mad Monkey 2.0 shoes for our 4 year old. These La Sportiva shoes were the only ones stocked by REI at the time in the right size. Overall, this shoe only got a rating of four cheerios because while it will work as a fine climbing shoe for any kid there are a few things that would keep my from recommending it as my first choice.

Comfort: five-cheerios

Kid’s shoes do not need to be super aggressive and stiff. These shoes are going to provide your child with the extra help they need to climb better but remain comfortable so they still enjoy having them on.


We have not had an issue with these shoes as of yet since they are relatively new, but the strap laces seem like they are likely to give out far before the shoes are done.  I have heard of this happening from others who bought the shoe.

They are easy to put on. Our two-year old can do it on her own which is a big plus.

The shoes are somewhat adjustable in size which is extremely helpful for young kids with fast growing feet. The laces on the top allow you to adjust for tightness and width of the foot and the lace over the soft heel allow you to adjust a little for length.

The the lizard theme is definitely loved by my daughter. She calls it her frog shoes which means that while she climbs she repeatedly says F***, which may have made the purchase worth it in and of itself.


These shoes generally seem to run $48.00. This is far better than the adult prices we see between $140 and $190 but a little more than some other climbing shoes that offer the same value. If the laces do end up lasting then it will be more worth the price considering it can be passed onto your next child after the first grows out of them. Time will tell.

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